Undenatured Whey Protein

Natural Whey Protein Powder

If you try looking up undenatured whey protein in the dictionary (or just “undenatured”), you will find there is no definition!

Well that’s because there’s really no such thing as an undenatured protein, it’s just called a protein. But when proteins undergo processing (certain filtering or heat processing) they becomedenatured, or partially ruined you could say.

Now certain methods are certainly more destructive, and I’ve covered this in detail in my whey protein info article. But just about all protein powders on the market will be somewhat denatured because of where they originated from.

Whey protein comes from the cheese making process in which it is heated to 70°C or 158°Fbefore any filtering process even begins! So in order to find a whole, natural, undenatured whey protein, you must find one that does not come from cheese production!

And good luck finding one because they are rare and they are very expensive.

So when companies say “undenatured,” just realize that they really mean “not-as-denatured.” Make sure to read my other article on the filtration methods because these really do make a difference to the end product.

There’s another thing you should know about how to find the least denatured whey protein powder. You should choose a whey protein concentrate over isolate because it is much less processed, and therefore less chances to become denatured. (Read about concentrate vs isolate in my what is whey protein article).

What Are The Benefits of Undenatured Whey Protein?

The benefits from a whole, natural product will always be superior to modified and processed foods. Nature provides us with the correct ratios of nutrients that man will never figure out completely.

So natural whey protein powder contains much more:

  • Glycomacropeptides
  • Alpha-lactalbumin
  • Immunoglobins
  • Lactoferrin

…and most importantly CYSTEINE.

What is so important about cysteine? It is typically lacking in the Western diet, and comes together with two other amino acids (glycine and glutamic acid) to form Glutathione (GSH).

Glutathione is a massive antioxidant and detoxifier in the body. It supports your immune system (bacteria, virus, and even cancer fighter), fights signs of aging, helps detox your liver and is even beneficial for strength trainers to repair muscle.

So where to find undenatured whey protein?

This one is from grass fed Guernsey (A2) cows that are antibiotic free. It’s a by-product of raw milk cheese production. It is heated at 70°C for 15 seconds, then cooled to 5°C for the remaining process.

I’ve actually tried this one and find it mixes really well, tastes fine and gives me a lot of energy.